How To Meditate Properly

For Beginners

So many people find it really difficult to meditate. And much of the information out there is actually wrong. In this short course, we will learn an ancient Vedic technique to help you get into meditation more easily.

90-95% Of All Disease And Illness Is Caused By Stress

Our Ancestors Already knew!

Many forms of meditation are cherry picked from what our ancestors taught us. How about going back to the source and learning how to do this properly.

It will make more sense to you as you become more confident in meditation and what you actually have to do.

Todays Stressful World

When we begin to realise the way we live is a complete contradiction to a healthy life, we will start to do something about it.

Learning to meditate properly will be an amazing start. And you can do this quite easily.

Because of the bombardment of information presented to us everyday, we all find it hard to take a moment for ourselves.

But when you do, you will really feel the difference. And this is all about how your body is, and sensitising your brain and your mind to your body.

Your Nervous System Changes

The way we live today is like a low level stressed out state. Some stress is good for the body, but the stress we feel is rather like our ancestors felt when they were stressed by starvation.

Our brains have not evolved from that time, so we are feeling that stress as if we are starving. A constant low level stress is very bad for your body.

Learning to reset the nervous system by coming out of that stressed state will really do you so much good. And you will start to feel the benefits straight away.

Let Stress - Anxiety - Overwhelm

Be A Thing Of The Past

And Learn To Put The Fire Out Inside

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Meditation Is Not A Chore

Meditation should not be a chore like washing the dishes. It should be a rejuvenating, wonderful experience you want to come back to again and again.

When we get used to coming into that quiet place of meditation, we will begin to realise that this is an amazing place to be.

If you are not enjoying your meditation experience at the moment, it may be because you are not meditating properly. And not sure why you are meditating.

After this course, your meditation practise will never be the same.

You will break the myths that have been built up about meditation. And you will start to break free of the negative energy inside.

Meditation Is Not Like This

Meditation is not sitting in a lotus or half lotus position. Although it is possible to meditate in this position but not necessary.

Meditation is not clearing your mind. This is almost impossible for beginners because the mind is designed to move. It is focusing the mind, not clearing it.

Meditation is not really about just observing your thoughts either. Observing your thoughts is an enlightened state to be in. And it is easier when you have meditated for a while.

But to do this as a beginner, it is almost impossible.

Meditation Is More Like This

Meditation is a very complex spiritual practise which covers many different aspects. It was first mentioned in the Puranas, which are the ancient texts from India.

The practise has been going on for thousands of years, and has a process to it.

To think you can just sit down, get in a half lotus position, close your eyes and then think you are meditating is missing the point really.

But you can build up to an amazing spiritual practise with meditation if you start in the right way.

This short course will give you that knowledge.

Mind Body Spirit Alignment

Meditation is about aligning your mind, body and spirit. And this will not happen overnight for most people.

It is something that needs to be worked up to. Starting with a very simple practise will actually help you get closer to your goals than just jumping in at the deep end.

Anyone can get into meditation if they set their mind to it. And it is that power of intention you must cultivate to become successful at meditation.

The benefits are so amazing it is really worth the effort.

Meditation Is Scientifically Proven To Work For You

  • Increases Immune Cell Count

  • Increases Life Satisfaction

  • Decreases Stress By Over 50%

  • Increases Your Longevity

  • Increases Your Health And Well Being

  • Decreases Your Anxiety

  • Decreases Your Depression

Your mind and brain will drastically change through a regular practise of meditation also. Your brain will start changing its frequency by regularly meditating. And you will feel that effect quite quickly.

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