Qi Gong For Beginners

Learn to deal with stress and anxiety quickly. This is particularly important in todays hectic, upside down world.

Why Learn Qi Gong (Ki Gong)?

90% of all diseases are scientifically proven to be caused by stress. You can reverse this!

Learn to deal with stress and anxiety very quickly with this ancient art, brought into the modern world by pioneers and creatives. Millions of people all over the world are benefiting from the practise of Qi Gong (Ki Gong). Why not you?

What Will You Learn On

This 21 Day Course

  • The basic principles of Qi Gong (Ki Gong) to empower you to look after your body holistically

  • How to deal with stress and anxiety effectively and eventually repair traumas from the past with continued practise

  • How to calm the mind and focus your intention on the life you want, not the life you don't want

Bright Beings Academy

For Self Realisation

Frequently Asked Questions On

Qi Gong (Ki Gong) And Its Many Benefits

Who Can Benefit From Qi Gong (Ki Gong)?

Qi Gong benefits everybody, no matter age or size. The simple technique of combining your mind with your body and breath is fantastic for the body. The mountain of science based evidence to prove this is growing by the day.

Will This Work For Me?

We are all unique and have different abilities with our bodies. If you can breathe deeply and move relatively easily, this course will help you get back in tune with your body again. Todays stressful world really does take us out of balance with our body.

Can I learn Qi Gong (Ki Gong) From Home?

Most definitely yes. There are plenty of instructors now taking live classes online. So you can practise Qi Gong from home very effectively.

How Quickly Can Qi Gong (Ki Gong) Help Me With Stress And Anxiety?

It really depends on you and where your mind is. I found this particular style of Ki Gong excellent to ease my busy mind. That is why I became an instructor.

Get Your Mini Course Now!

Why not start practising this ancient art today.

Get yourself on your holisitc healing journey. You can start straight away and begin your journey to self realisation and health empowerment.

Online Course Only Just £63 Lifetime Access

Add Three 1 to 1 Mentoring Sessions £297

Our Vision At The Bright Beings Academy

We envisage a diverse global community of people who have connected to their inner wisdom, vision and intuition and who are willing to collaborate towards a balanced and productive world of abundance. To embrace systems that serve humanity and encourage the insight and courage to let go of any systems that do not. Allow space to express their multi-facetted and multi-dimensional experience which is aligned to their personal profound purpose coherently. Inspire everyone to move away from self-harm and self-doubt to self-healing and self-realisation.

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