Solfeggio Tones For Healing

Solfeggio tones for healing is a short course letting you know the power of solfeggio frequencies, and how they work on the body. In this course, you will have access to all the tones, plus a guided meditation too.

Whats Included In This Mini Course

All the solfeggio tones, a guided meditation, the Shumann Resonance and more.....

  • Guided Meditation -
    In this course, you will be able to download a guided meditation for sleep. You can use these tones at any time, but they are more effective when you are open and relaxed. The meditation is designed to get you there, and will help you fall asleep. Where your mind goes, your energy follows, so focus on the meditation.

  • Downloads (WAV's & MP3'S)

    You have the pure tone downloads, as well as tones with a very simple musical background. The music is not designed for entertainment and has been kept to using simple thirds and fifths of the original tone to keep the intergrity. You can use the tones anytime but best at night. The tones last either 1 hr, 30 mins or 10 mins.

  • Explanatory Videos

    There are short videos explaning each tone, as well as a video at the beginning of this course explaining all the tones. This course is not about the history of the tones, but how they will work for you. You will have the knowledge of how to use these tones after the course. They are very powerful, so be dilligent when using these tones.

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How These Solfeggio Tones Will Help You

Here is a breakdown of how the tones will help you.

Each tone has specific qualities and healing effects on the body.

  • 174 Hz solfeggio tone reduces pain. The 174 Hz tone reduces pain physically and energetically while you seek the origin of these blockages by giving your organs a sense of security, safety and love, bringing them back to their true vibration.

  • 285 Hz solfeggio tone influences energy fields. This 285 Hz tone is the blueprint that realigns cells to their original vibrations, by influencing the energy fields around your organs – helping to restructure and repair damage, leaving your body rejuvenated and energised.

  • 396 Hz solfeggio tone turns grief into joy. The 396 Hz tone deals with blockages caused by guilt or fear which consciously or unconsciously stop you from being truly self aware and reaching your full potential. As with other negativities and hidden blockages which prevent your personal goals.

  • 417 Hz solfeggio tone deals with undoing situations and facilitating change. 417 Hztone brings energy to make significant changes and undoing negative situations from the past, which do not serve you. Releasing new energy so you can change your life.

  • 528 Hz solfeggio tone brings transformations, miracles and DNA repair. 528 Hztone returns DNA to its original state, leading to increased life energy, clear mind and awakened creativity, increased awareness and joyfulness.

  • 639 Hz solfeggio tone deals with reconnecting and balancing relationships. 639 Hz tone enables greater communication with other people around you as well as enhanced cell communication within your body. Also helps you deal with all kinds of relationship problems, enhancing tolerance and love.

  • 741 Hz solfeggio tone deals with solving problems, expressions and solutions. 741 Hz tone cleans cells of toxins including electromagnetic radiations, helps you to move towards a healthier, simpler life including positive changes in diet. Helps to solve problems of any nature, improves your self-expression.

  • 852 Hz solfeggio tone deals with awakening intuition and returning to spiritual order. 852 Hz tone helps you see through illusions in life by awakening your intuition, and opening your perceptions of higher energies, through your crown Chakra. This works on both a physical and energetic level.

  • 963 Hz solfeggio tone deals with awakening the perfect state. 963 Hz vibration returns all cells back to their original purity, their perfect state.Also enables direct experience of your true essence.

  • The Shumann Resonance is embeded into all the tracks to bring you back into resonance with the earths natural frequencies. This resonance will help you raise your consciousness, help you relax more and make your meditations deeper and more profound. This frequency is our low alpha high theta brainwave frequency.

Frequently Asked Questions On

Solfeggio Tones And Sound Healing

How Do Solfeggio Tones Work?

Sound healing and specifically, solfeggio tones, synchronizes brain waves to achieve profound states of relaxation, helping to restore the normal vibratory frequencies of the cells in our bodies

Will This Work For Me?

We are all unique, but there are frequencies within the body that are the same. You have these frequencies in your body, so this will definitely work for you. All you need is an open mind and an intent to heal yourself

Is Sound Healing A New Age Phenomena?

Not at all. Sound healing has been around for thousands and thousands of years. The Australian Aborignes, the Ancient Greeks, and even the Egyptians have all used sound as a healing modality

How Quickly Do These Tones Work?

They can take a while, or they can be very quick. It really depends on you.

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You can make a difference right away with these easy to use tones. They are in WAV form for best quality, and can be downloaded and put onto your ipad, iphone or memory stick very easily. Mp3's are also included which are not as good quality, but for your convenience, in case you can't use WAV files.

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